St. Herman's House of Hospitality
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What We Do
We serve 200-300 meals a day, which amounts to about 70,000 meals each year
We provide 50-60 showers every day (over 18,000 per year)

We provide overnight accommodation to over 11,800 men per year

We provide religious services to feed 50 souls a day

St. Herman's receives no government funding and there is no charge to those we serve


We provide overnight housing for men.

We are on call 24 hours a day, every day of the year. We have no paid staff

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Guest Comments

If it weren't for St. Herman's and the donations of its volunteers, I would be dead. St. Herman's and Fr. John Henry saved my life and are helping me get my life back on track.

I was at odds-end with my life. I needed help. I found that help at St. Herman's. I found strength within myself. I found spiritual encouragement to move with life and not against it.

My Christmas was blessed. I have spent more than half of my life high on drugs, but this Christmas I had a chance to be sober. St. Herman's gave me what is to be a personal tradition with me, "SOBRIETY" on Christmas. St. Herman's made it possible.

Since my stay here at St. Herman's, I have been taught so much about religion, sobriety and faith in one's self and the Lord. It shows in my appearance and in my actions. The kindness and hospitality of their working guests is unbelieveable. I'm able to shower every day, change clothes, have a good hot meal three times a day and go to AA meetings twice a week. I am very grateful to St. Herman's.

My stay at St. Herman's. It was a time to worship and learn more about the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. It changed my life.

Services to non-residents

8000 Food bags per year for over 1300 mothers with children, consisting of eggs, milk, meat, juice and bread
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St. Herman's provides shelter, free of charge, for people in need regardless of race, creed or color. No government funding is accepted, nor is money accepted from those we serve or their families.

St. Herman's Greets and Interviews all guests upon arrival and departure.


Profanity, fighting, smoking in unauthorized areas, drug or alcohol use, sexual activity, fraternizing with guests, visitors or volunteers. Anyone doing so will be asked to leave immediately. No minors are admitted without their parents. No intoxicated person will be admitted.

In return for our hospitality, each guest is asked to respect the customs of the Monastery. Guests are asked to use their time constructively. A guest may be employed or seek employment or may volunteer to help with the chores or the Monastery.

The general length of stay at St. Herman's is one day at a time, for up to three days. If a guest wishes to stay longer, the Abbot must grant permission for an extension.


To further the faith-based works of the Little Brothers of the Divine Compassion by promoting and supporting  St. Herman’s House of Hospitality that provides food, clothing and shelter in a safe, alcohol/drug free environment to needy people in the greater Cleveland community. This will be accomplished through public charitable events, raising public awareness, using all available resources, and providing support and encouragement to the Little Brothers of the Divine Compassion.

St. Herman's House of Hospitality - 4410 Franklin Blvd - Cleveland, OH (216)961-3806

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